The Reality of Summer Break

For some, a break from school is a break from meals

For many children, summer break is a carefree time full of fun and relaxation. But the reality for many children in the Dallas area is that they have to wonder where their next meal will come from.

How Crossroads Steps In…

At Crossroads, we recognize that during the summer, children who would normally receive free and reduced lunches in school, are skipping meals because of summer vacation. We increase the amount of food that families with children receive, so that we are able to help supplement the missed meals that they normally receive at school.

For many of the low-income children we serve, summer days are hungry days.  Often there isn’t enough food in the household to replace the free daily breakfast, lunch and snacks provided by the schools. Because of this, Crossroads provides all school-age children with twice the amount of food they normally receive when they visit Crossroads.

Crossroads’ Summer Feeding Program starts in June and we continue to increase our food package for school-age children through the end of August. Countless parents have expressed their gratitude for the additional food that helps them feed their children during the summer months.