New food guidelines: Cut the sugar, but eggs and lean mean aren’t so bad

WASHINGTON — Better cut down on sugar, especially those 16-ounce drinks, and limit your salt. But you might not need to worry quite as much about eggs. The Obama administration’s latest dietary guidelines, released Thursday, seek to help Americans reduce their likelihood of disease and obesity through a more healthful diet. The newest guidance comes down hard on sugar that’s…

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New U.S. dietary guidelines: everything you need to know about what to eat/what not to eat

Go ahead and have those eggs. That’s just one piece of good news from the U.S. dietary guidelines released on Thursday. Updated every five years, the government recommendations have been credited — or blamed (depending on whom you ask) — for shaping the eating habits of generations of Americans. The 2015 revision contains a few radical changes, such as removing recommendations…

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What happens when a family runs out of food stamps

Toward the end of every month, hospitals in California see a curious uptick in admissions for hypoglycemia, the kind of low blood sugar that can affect diabetics. The pattern, detected in a recent study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, is almost entirely driven by low-income patients. The non-poor don’t show much change in admissions at all.…

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