Distribution Partners

Welcome to the Distribution Partner Page!

We distribute food to our Distribution Partners, who in turn give that food directly to clients who are incapable of making the trip to our in-house pantry. By distributing food to other organizations, we are able to get more food to more people who need it.

By becoming a Crossroads Distribution Partner, your organization can offer your community an improved quality, quantity, and variety of food.

If you are interested in becoming a Crossroads’ CDP or Agency, fill out the form below:

Partner Tools

You will need to place your food order through Lead Commerce. You can access Lead Commerce by clicking HERE.
Please make sure to place your order by the specific day below.
If you pick up on:
You must submit by:
At the earliest, you can submit on:


Previous Tuesday

2 Mondays before your pickup


Previous Wednesday

2 Tuesdays before your pickup


Previous Thursday

2 Wednesdays before your pickup


Previous Friday

2 Thursdays before your pickup


Previous Monday

2 Fridays before your pickup


Previous Monday

2 Fridays before your pickup

Community Distribution Partners

Partner Agencies

Agape Fellowship SDA
Ark of Hope Inc.
Bibleway Bible Church
Big and Caring Heart Inc.
Cedar Crest CME
Christian Chapel CME
Cities of Refuge
Community United Methodist Church
Cornerstone Crossroads Academy
CYFS, Inc.
Emanuel Community Center
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Forest Green Manor (DHA)
Found A Way Foundation
GMP Development Corp.
God’s Greater Holy Temple
Grand Prairie SDA
In My Shoes
Jay Hobbs Foundation
Kids Cove Community Outreach
Kidz Are Our Future
Kingbridge Crossing (DHA)
Lakeland Manor (DHA)
Lakeview Townhomes (DHA)
Magnolia CME
Open Heavens Church
Park Manor (DHA)
Rainbow Days
RCCG Christ Church
RCCG Victory House
Renaissance Oaks (DHA)
Restoration Church of Cedar Hill
Sonya’s House
True Believers Community Development
Tyler Street Manor
Vital Impact
Brown Street Church of Christ
Carver Heights Baptist Church
Cedar Hill Shares
CFT Fisher House
Chocolate Mint Foundation
Cliffview Church of Christ
Community Outreach Connection
Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center
Dayspring Family Church
Desoto Food Pantry
Duncanville Outreach Ministry
Golden Gate Food Pantry
Good Street Social Center
Goodness And Grace
Grace Place Church of Christ
Grace Place Properties, Inc.
Grand Prairie Co-Op
Grand Prairie Family Church
Harmony Community Development Corporation
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Center
Italy Ministerial Alliance
Jubilee Emergency Aid Center
Mission Oak Cliff
Oak Cliff Churches For Emergency Aid
Salvation Army Dallas
Salvation Army Oak Cliff
Shared Housing Center, Inc.
Soul For Christ Ministry, Inc.
Southwest Harvest Church
SVDP Immaculate Conception
Turn Around Agenda
United Universe
Voice of Hope Food Pantry

RSS Recall Notices

Important Documents

This guidebook lists all policies and procedures that CDPs and Partner Agencies must follow.

All CDPs must have a signed partnership agreement on file with Crossroads.

All Partner Agencies must have a signed partnership agreement on file with Crossroads.

All CDPs and Partner Agencies must have a signed TEFAP agreement on file with Crossroads.

All clients served by a CDP or Partner Agency must be qualified to receive food according to the current TEFAP Income Guidelines.

All clients served by a CDP or Partner Agency must complete a TEFAP Household Application. Recertification occurs once a year and all files should be kept for at least three years.

This document explains how to complete a TEFAP Household Application.

If you are a religious organization or distribute food out of a religious organization, you must hang this poster for clients to see.

To obtain a food handler’s certification, please go to www.responsibletraining.com or click HERE .

Civil Rights Training is an annual requirement. To complete the training, read the attached PDF or click HERE (disable pop-up blockers) to take an online training. Once the training is complete, please have all volunteers sign the “Civil Rights Training Log.”

Staff or volunteers who do not directly interact with clients can complete their civil rights training requirement by reading this document.

Staff or volunteers who complete civil rights training must sign the training log. Once complete, the log should be sent to Crossroads to be placed in your organization’s file.

This manual is a guide to food quality and safe handling. If you have questions about expiration dates, reference this manual.

This guide will help you determine what to keep and/or what to throw out when sorting through canned items.

To maintain proper food safety, your organization must keep temperature records. Your Agency/CDP can use this log to track the temperatures.

Organizations participating in the CSFP program must have a signed CSFP Agreement on file with Crossroads.

All CSFP clients served by a CDP or Partner Agency must be qualified according to the current CSFP Income Guidelines.

This is an optional form that allows your organization to better track & notify clients of recertification dates.

If you are interested in participating in the CSFP Program, read the Informational Flier.

There are public CSFP distribution sites where any enrolled CSFP client can pick up a box. The document lists all 2019 distribution sites.

Monthly Reporting

Submit monthly reports for Feeding Programs here.  

1. Select your organization type.

2. Begin typing your organization name in the “Agency Name & Number” field, select your agency name, and confirm your agency number that should appear next to your name.

3. Fill out all information necessary.