Food Distribution

Crossroads Community Services distributes food at our in-house pantry and through a network of Food Distribution Partners

Crossroads is different from other food pantries because of our approach to fighting food insecurity. In addition to our in-house pantry, we distribute food to our food distribution partner organizations, who in turn give that food directly to clients who are incapable of making the trip to our in-house pantry. By distributing food to other organizations, we are able to get more food to more people who need it.

Crossroads serves as a “hub” for the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) in Dallas County. Crossroads distributes food to other organizations through our Community Distribution Partners (CDPs), and feeding network agencies.  CDPs and agencies are the “spokes” who have staff or volunteers pick up the food from Crossroads and give it to clients at their location. Crossroads acts as a mini-food bank for both CDPs and agencies.  By becoming a Crossroads Distribution Partner, these dedicated organizations can offer their community an improved quality, quantity, and variety of food.

Our CDP network incorporates approximately 60 local organizations and agencies including Dallas Housing Authority sites, low-income retirement communities, places of worship, and community centers. In effect, Crossroads acts as a mini-food bank for organizations that don’t have the capacity or desire to be a North Texas Food Bank agency. The CDP network enables small organizations to offer an improved quality, quantity, and variety of food to people in their neighborhoods.

Agencies on the other hand, typically are nonprofit organizations that have the capability to have an onsite pantry, and instead of driving to NTFB in Plano, they make the trip to Crossroads to pick up food.

If you are interested in becoming a Crossroads’ CDP or Agency, fill out the form below:

Our current Community Distribution Partners

Ark of Hope Inc.
Central Dallas Church
Christian Community Center
Forest Green Manor (DHA)
FP Caillet Elementary PTA
Hebron Family Life Center Inc.
Kingbridge Crossing (DHA)
Lakeview Townhomes (DHA)
Mentoring & Restoring Families Services
Open Heavens Church
Park Manor (DHA)
Vital Impact
Body of Christ Assembly Church
Cedar Crest Cathedral
Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church
Restoration Church of Cedar Hill
Sonya’s House
True Believers Community Development

Placing a food order

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