Leslie Makes a Difference at Crossroads!

At the beginning of the pandemic, Sara Leslie Eades saw how people’s ability to access healthy food was being limited by both physical and financial hardship. She wanted to help, so she started volunteering for a nonprofit restaurant whose concept centers around “pay what you can.” There she developed a love and passion for giving people access to good nutrition because of its impact on both mental and physical wellbeing.

As the real effects of the pandemic grew clearer, Leslie decided she wanted to have an even more direct impact. That’s when she found Crossroads Community Services. Because of her interest in how good, nourishing food connects our spirits, minds and bodies, she was particularly excited about Crossroads’ focus on fresh food.

“It’s wonderful that Crossroads has fresh produce and meat. They are really paying attention through the Community Assistance Research Program to what their clients need,” Leslie shares.

Leslie now serves as a member of the Volunteer Engagement Program Advisory Committee, and we’re so grateful for her time and dedication, along with each and every one of our volunteers.