You Support Kids This Back-to-School Season!

Yarisca is a young mother to two boys, Eduardo, 3, and Yeidan, 7. At the start of a new school year, Yarisca is especially grateful for your generosity to help Yeidan concentrate and thrive in the classroom, and at home.

Eduardo and Yeidan both love to play outside and run around. “They’re so active,” Yarisca says, thankful for the good snacks and fresh foods from Crossroads Drive-Thru Pantry that help the boys maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

“I’m so grateful for any food I get that will benefit my boys,” Yarisca shares.

Yarisca relies on the Drive-Thru Pantry for a consistent source of nutritious meals for her, Eduardo and Yeidan, which you, our donor, help provide access to.

This pantry is a lifeline for so many caregivers like Yarisca and your support helps make sure even more families will have access to nutritious food this fall.

Having enough nutritious food on the family’s table also means that parents and caregivers have a better chance of affording backpacks, school supplies and fees that can add up quickly.

And while many of our neighbors continue to face financial hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, your partnership goes a long way to make sure our neighbors have ongoing access to nutritious food. Thank you.