Danny’s Favorite Memories of Volunteering

Seven years ago, Danny Oberst decided to retire and began volunteering at Crossroads. As soon as he walked through the door, he became family. Since then, Danny has dedicated one day a week to serving with Crossroads.

Danny’s favorite memory is when the pantry was still located downtown on Young Street: “The Dallas Street Choir would practice in the mornings, and it was nice to just hear and listen to them,” he says.

Now, his favorite part of the Crossroads pantry is the people he gets to know while volunteering.

Danny explains, “I love meeting with the clients. Rolling through the pantry with them and picking up their food of choice… I love the client-volunteer contact.”

When you volunteer at Crossroads, you not only help get nutritious food to people who need it, but, like Danny, you also can make lifelong memories.

“I always love working with fellow volunteers, too,” Danny adds.

Join Danny and community members like him in building a lasting legacy at Crossroads Community Services today.