Ma Shares Her Gratitude

Ma lives with her son’s family and spends much of her time doting on her grandkids, ages 4, 2 and 7 months. She loves spending time with her family and cooking for them.

But affording necessities — including food — is tough during the pandemic. Her son works as a landscaper, and though it can be a socially distant job, his hours have still been cut significantly.

“We are struggling with bills right now and have been asking for a longer time to pay,” Ma says.

Her family has made safety their top priority during the virus outbreak and practice strict social distancing. A kind neighbor who visits a local food pantry shared her extra groceries with them until, fortunately, Ma learned about Crossroads.

“It’s a blessing to have these programs,” she says of Crossroads’ pantry. “We received a lot of food, and they have good options.”

Being able to cook nourishing meals for her family is so special to Ma. It’s a simple act, but it brings a sense of security at this uncertain time. She is so grateful you choose to give.

“Thank you so much for existing,” Ma says to you and your fellow donors. “I hope that God gives back to every person who participates in making these distributions possible.”