Eileen Is Changing Lives With Crossroads!

After growing up in Milwaukee, Eileen felt out of place when she began her studies at the University of Dallas. But now, she considers North Texas her new home. In fact, she’s invested in her local community as a Crossroads volunteer.

Eileen joined Crossroads as an intern focused on food insecurity and continues her hands-on research by working in our pantry. Since the virus began, she has shifted gears to filling neighbors’ cars in our drive-thru pantry with boxes of food including frozen meats and fresh produce.

Over the past several months Eileen has seen the number of people seeking food assistance skyrocket. She often meets  people in the community who are seeking help and is glad she knows where to send them.

“Having something tangible to give people when they need help is awesome,” she says.

What Eileen appreciates most about volunteering with Crossroads is that everyone is treated with dignity.  She loves meeting grateful clients and sharing hope through groceries and a cheerful smile.

“Everyone has something to give,” Eileen says. “Come volunteer because you have something to give. Your time and your smile are so helpful!”

Our work would simply not be possible without the commitment of caring folks like Eileen. Thank you for your gifts of time!